Hong Kong

Hong Kong Post reports impacts to service for inbound and outbound mail due to events on June 12th that led to street closure and affected processing operations.


On Monday, June 24th Quebec will have a National holiday, there will be no regular collection or delivery of mail on this day.  

United States

The Mail Group facilities will be closed on Monday, May 27th due to the Memorial Day Holiday.


Lebanon’s Post advises that there are delays in inbound and outbound mail, package and express mail service processing due to an employee strike that began May 17th.

San Marino

San Marino’s Post advises that there may be delays in delivery of mail and packages due to an employee strike that began May 13th.


Philippines Post asks us to inform that postal services in the areas affected by the earthquake on April 22, 2019, including Lubao and Porac, returned to normal as of April 26, 2019.


Jamaica Post advises its International Mail Processing Center in Kingston had to shut down May 14 due to noxious fumes at the facility. All outbound and inbound mail operations as well as some administrative functions, including customer queries, have been affected.


Italy’s Post advises that collection and delivery of postal items (letters, parcels and express mail service) may be delayed throughout the Sardinia region May 19-25 due to evening construction work at Cagliari Airport.


Israel’s Post advises operations are back to normal following disruptions earlier in the month in the country’s southern regions.


Post Luxembourg (LU) has informed us that starting this year, May 9th will be a national holiday in Luxembourg to celebrate Europe Day.  As result, all mail and parcels to Luxembourg can expect a delivery delay of 24 hours.


Due to the security situation, there have been interruptions and delays in the distribution and collection of mail in the south of Israel since Saturday, May 4th 2019


The U.S. Postal Service has restored mail service to Guatemala. This ends a temporary suspension of most mail services to the country that had been in effect.


On April 29th and May 3rd thru 6th are assigned as national and public holidays in Japan due to “Golden Week”. Also, the Emperor Akihito abdicates on April 30th and the new Emperor Naruhito ascends the throne on May 1st, April 30th to May 2nd are also designated as a national holiday in 2019 and many official ceremonies for these historical events are planned. This special arrangement made by the government results in a 10-day national holiday beginning Saturday, April 27th to Monday, May 6th. The OEs and Custom Offices in Japan will not be closed during this period, we do not expect any negative impact on inbound and outbound operations for EMS items and parcels.

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