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Catalog Fulfillment Throughout the USA and 240+ Countries

If you send out catalogs upon request, The Mail Group offers the quickest turnaround for those requests and the most economical delivery possible. We monitor your account activity daily and partner with you to meet your goals.

Your fulfillment operations are critical to creating a positive customer experience.

The customized fulfillment solutions we offer — based on your needs — can range from simple to complex and are integrated into our fulfillment process. This allows us to provide assorted options without sacrificing service or delivery times. Custom fulfillment requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Easy data file transfers,
  • Customized carrier sheets,
  • dot-whacks,
  • tabbing,
  • inserts,
  • poly-bagging,
  • envelope stuffing,
  • kitting,
  • and more

The Mail Group can accommodate virtually any fulfillment request.  And for projects requiring shrink-wrapping, we use our state-of-the-art automated shrink-wrapping capability, which delivers a superior, finished look!  Check out the below video!


Any Combination for Custom Fit Kitting

Catalog fulfillment can involve one or more pieces in one package like a letter and response card. It can include many branded promotional items – like flyers, brochures, and business cards.

Kitting and especially sample packs are becoming popular again as many companies rely on new product introductions and brand expansion to build their product portfolios.

The Mail Group specializes in Kit Assembly fulfilling specialized catalog fulfillment requests, including premium items and other promotional merchandise.

Remembering that kitted order fulfillment refers to the assembly of individual items into ready-to-ship sets, The Mail Group takes great care to ensure quick and quality assembly of a requested catalog kit.

Catalog kit components are inventoried and organized with a unique database ID and a scanned image of each item to ensure detailed inventory tracking. Assembly processes are carefully monitored, from obtaining the request to shipping to your client.


Call Chanel at 765-637-0132 for details on this powerful service!