The Mail Group understands your business has unique shipping needs and strive to exceed requirements with our optimally designed shipment solutions. You can rely on us to get the job done, the way you want it!

Navigating the complexities of international parcel shipping procedures, regulations and cost structures require deep expertise and places enormous burdens on your company’s shipping and logistics team.  The Mail Group manages this process for you through our extensive network of postal resources and private delivery carriers.  We provide customized E-commerce and global parcel distribution to more than 220 countries around the world.

The Mail Group Global Parcel Solutions (GPS) allows for seamless, integrated shipment processing on a secure web browser, enabling you to prepare shipments for delivery using our distribution network. Our system takes into consideration international logistics, shipping laws and regulations, duties, taxes and the intricacies of dealing with customers and postal administrations – saving you considerable time and money.

 We provide:

  • Package label compliance
  • Electronic carrier manifest data generation & automated handling
  • Tracking numbers generated at the time of processing
  • Customized E-mail templates for shipment notification
  • On-demand tracking and reporting
  • Scanner, scale and printer integration
  • Third party systems integration
  • Fast delivery, and much, much more

The Mail Group understands that security is a major concern, so we take the steps to ensure complete compliance and reliability. From Transportation Security Administration certified onsite cargo management, and export compliance and regulation management, to onsite package screening in all International Air Cargo facilities – we even provide critical milestone shipment tracking from the dock to your customer’s door.