Navigating The Postal Waters In 2019

After years of little change among postal operators throughout the world, the last few years have seen a host of noteworthy changes.  Navigating these changes successfully can give shippers and mailers a decided advantage over their competitors.

Beginning with the positive changes, delivery via postal solutions has become a reliable, quick and (still) relatively inexpensive means for delivering most anything both here in the U.S. and abroad.  Continued technology improvements, processing automation, added service features and improved deliverability to a bigger part of the world, have contributed to an overall improved service offering from many of the world’s postal providers.

Recently, however, we have seen the U.S. post office increase rates for certain services, change the parameters of other services, eliminate certain services and propose the elimination of still other services.  Furthermore, at the direction of the current U.S. administration, USPS is also studying alternative solutions for keeping international (export) mail moving in the wake of the potential withdrawal from the UPU (the agency of the United Nations that coordinates postal policies among member nations (including the U.S.)).  Add to that BREXIT (or possibly NoBREXIT) and you have the very real possibility that at least some of today’s mail will be redirected to private services, alternative USPS services, or continue being delivered using current means (albeit at higher prices).  Yikes!  To ensure your items continue to be delivered on time and within budget in the face of all these changes means you must have a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable postal partner expert.  This partner should be able to provide guidance and counsel as things change.  Your chosen partner should also be able to offer alternative solutions and be part of several distribution networks to ensure delivery of your items regardless of new postal policies/procedures/services that become reality “overnight”.   The Mail Group has brought together several of the most experienced companies operating in this space within the U.S. to create just that; a full service postal partner solution provider that stresses consultancy and technology in its relationship with its customers and which has access to multiple networks around the globe.

Jack Hall is Chief Executive Officer of The Mail Group, a Chicago-Based company offering a full suite of delivery service options both within the U.S. and to all major countries in the world.