Indonesian Post has advised that an earthquake has hit Sulawesi Island, affecting the areas of Mamuju and Majene. As a result, there has been physical damage to facilities and public services are disrupted. Also, heavy rain in the Central Java and West Java provinces has caused floods, which are affecting postal operations. Delays are therefore to be expected in the processing and delivery of all postal items in the affected areas, on top of any delay due to COVID restrictions which are already in place.

The earthquake and flood affected areas are:

  • West Java Province: Subang: 412xx; Indramayu: 452xx; Majalengka: 454xx
  • Central Java Province:Semarang:500xx; Pekalongan: 511xx; Pati: 591xx; Demak: 595xx; Kudus: 593xx
  • West Sulawesi Province: Majene: 914xx; Mamuju: 915xx