Canada Post has informed that Hurricane Fiona has brought devastation to the Atlantic provinces of Canada. The hurricane has caused damage across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Authorities are still assessing the damage and the work needed to reopen roads and restore power. As a result, delays should be expected for items destined for the below postcodes until further notice:

B2J, B2H, B4H, B2N, B0M, B0K, B0L, B0P 1T0, B0M 1E0, B0H 1X0, B0J 3B0, B0J 1A0, B0J 2A0, B0C 1G0, B0C 1H0, B1A 1A0, B1G 1A0, B1J 1B0, B1J 1B0, B1W 1A0, B1Y 1B0, B1Y 1E0, B1A 4X0, B0C 1K0, B0C 1L0, B2C 1A0, B1C 1A0, B1K 1A7, B0C 1N0, B1H 1A0, B1B 1A0, B1E 1A0, B0C 1R0, B1L 1A0, B1V 2L0, B1P 1T0, B1N 1L0, B1A 4X0, B1H 1Y0, B2A 3Y6, B1P 5Z0, E8T, C1A, C1B, C0A, C1N, C0B.