Jamaica Post advises that it is currently unable to forward outbound dispatches, including those in transit, due to issues with scanning machines at the airport.


The national postal service of Chile reports heavy flooding due to rain in Arica and Parinacota. This is affecting the collection and delivery of mail and parcel products. Delays can be expected for all volumes in and outside these areas of Chile.


Canada Post advises that due to inclement weather in Stephenville and Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador will not be receiving mail and parcels.


A national strike in Belgium is planned for Wednesday, February 13th 2019, both road and air mail services are expected to be affected causing likely delays of 24 hours to mail and parcel shipments to and from Belgium.


Normal operations re-commenced on Sunday, February 10th 2019 after the recent disruption due to heavy rain in North Queensland and New South Wales.


Normal mail operations have now resumed in the areas affected by the recent severe weather in Northern France. However, there may still be some delays as a result of cross channel road/rail restrictions.


Canada Post advises that due to inclement weather the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario communities and regions will not be receiving mail and parcels.


Australia Post advises heavy rain and flooding in North Queensland is affecting the collection and delivery of all mail products for postcodes from 4804 to 4899.


Ukraine’s post advises processing and delivery of international express mail items are now back to normal, resolving an earlier backlog.


Winter Storm Gabriel has reached the French Coast adding to heavy snow in Northern France. A driving ban for trucks over 7.5 tons has been put into place in Northern France and around the Paris regions. There is also highway closures and border crossing limitation with Belgium/Netherlands. Mail services within the region will continue to be delayed as a result.


The route to Brunei is temporarily closed. After Lunar New Year (February 5th, 2019), the route will re-open. We expect delays for mail and parcels to Brunei.

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda Post Office informs us the postal strike since January 2, 2019, is now over. Delays may still occur this week, including transit mail to Dominica & Montserrat until backlogs are cleared.


Swiss Post advises postal operations have resumed in the eastern part of the country with the exception of a few homes that remain isolated after heavy snowfall.

South Korea

Due to a backlog at the sorting center in South Korea, there are currently delays monitored. Expectations are that delays will remain until the end of the Lunar Year (the 5th of February).


On Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 there will be a 24-hour strike in Greece. Mail and parcels to Greece could be delayed.

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