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USPS’s Future is Based on New and Improved Digital Strategies

Brennan Promoting USPS Informed VisibiltyAt today’s National Postal Forum — the annual mailing industry trade show — Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s keynote speech addressed the United States Postal Service (USPS) taking the lead in information and technology driven mail.

“The Postal Service is investing in our digital strategy, because there are limitless opportunities when we combine the power of mail with the ubiquity of mobile. We are committed to elevating the role of mail in American marketing and communications, and earning a bigger slice of the marketing pie,” said Brennan.

The PMG focused on USPS Strategic Initiatives and Investments for long term solutions within the mailing industry; with an emphasis on digital capabilities. “Our vision is not confined to what we can accomplish in the next year or two.  We have to continue to build and focus on the long-term rewards,” said Brennan.

With continued development of  Informed Visibility as a “supercharged information platform…designed to transform mail,” Brennan reminded the audience about the data and analytics the USPS currently provides for visibility associated with the “last mile” of delivery.

Brennan said, “the real power of Informed Visibility is that it can make mail a much more powerful marketing and communications tool.” It’s about providing commercial customers the ability to leverage robust information from the US Postal Service to customize mail and with the capability to sync omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Informed Delivery — previously Real-Mail Notification — is on track to be a fully functioning mobile app by 2017. Current New York City stats include 70% of subscribers opening notifications daily and 90%  of subscribers opening notifications four times a week.

Brennan pointed out, “Informed Delivery engages customers where they want to be – in a mobile and digital environment. It puts the power of mail onto digital channels. Informed Delivery creates an opportunity to bring your mail and packages onto the smartphones and devices of the American consumer. It gives every marketer the opportunity to attach a digital offer to mail pieces, and eventually packages. This is an incredibly powerful product for this industry.”

Later this year the Postal Service will petition the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to allow commercial customers to add two free ounces to mailed content beginning in January 2017.  Brennan commented, “We think it’s an effective way to increase the value of mail for the sender, and deliver more content to the consumer.