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USPS Service Alerts

USPS Service Alerts

Weather, local events, available labor, and a multitude of factors can affect your mailpieces from being processed by the United States Postal Service (USPS). As a customer service tool for residential customers, business mailers, and international mailers the USPS provides online access to its USPS Service Alerts webpage; helping you to stay on top of what is happening throughout the Postal Service system.

When you have a question go to the USPS Service Alerts page to start your research. It is here you will be provided detailed information on local, national, and international postal facility service disruptions.

These USPS informational links should help solve the following:

  • Will there be Mail Delivery?
  • Is the Local Post Office Open or Close?
  • Changing Your Address (permanent or temporary)
  • Access to the business “Mail Service Disruption Report”
  • Status of USPS Facilities
  • Where Drop Shipments are not being Delivered
  • And Information Related to International Mail

USPS Service Disruption Alerts