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USPS Requires Audit Trail from Mailers

usps iconThe USPS requires mailers to include not only their own information, but also the information of their mail preparers. For example, the Mail.dat® file used to file documentation electronically must identify both the mail owner and the mail preparer, and this is done using MIDs and CRIDs.

See: Quick Step Guide to MID and/or CRID Acquisition

MIDs must be used when submitting data, and CRIDs cannot be used in place of MIDs in the Intelligent Mail barcodes. The CRID of the company submitting the electronic file to the USPS, the eDoc Sender or Submitter, must also be identified. This can become a bit of a challenge for mail preparers, who may have hundreds of clients using hundreds of postal permits to pay for their postage. Associating each of the clients and permits with the appropriate MIDs can be a daunting task to say the least.

To avoid conflicting data, mailers will need to make sure they know what fields in which files are to be populated. This is because ID codes can be placed in multiple places in the Mail.dat file.

Data Fields In The Imb Use The MID

PostalOne! has very specific “order of precedence” rules that are used to determine which fields are used in the PostalOne! validation. What this means is that if there is conflicting data in these fields, PostalOne! will use the data it finds in the first POPULATED field in this list. So, even if you THINK you have provided the correct MID or CRID information (for example, in the Mailer Postage Account (MPA) file), if there is conflicting, incorrect data in the Component (CPT) file, you will get an error!


The order of precedence that PostalOne! uses is different for various validation processes, so bottom line: make sure you are not populating conflicting data in any Mail.dat fields!


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