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USPS Releases the OIG FY 2017 Budget Plan

USPS fy 2017 congressional budget plan 2016 2017

Almost on the heels of the The PRC’s Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report, the USPS Releases the OIG FY 2017 Budget Plan with recommended adjustments.

The OIG FY 2017 budget plan is based on a level of effort for the USPS’s two mission programs – – Office of Audit and Office of Investigations. The table below shows the budget by program area for appropriation FY 2015, 2016, and 2017.

USPS Appropriations Table 2015 2016 2017

The contents of the report includes a summary of the budget,  details of the appropriations and budget adjustments tables, proposed budget increases and decreases, leveraging reimbursable authority, audits budget and performance plans, along with budgets for investigations and cyber security.

Second part of the report addres the three primary Supporting Materials of Human Capital Strategy Description, IT Resources and Predictive Analyisis

The USPS budget proposal covers inflation for salaries and benefits, rent, and other non-personnel costs.