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USPS Rate Hikes cause eBay Sellers to Implement SMARTParcel™

If you are an eBay seller you’re probably aware of the 2016 USPS rate increases and the financial impact this is having on your online business. With the implementation of the Postal Service rate-hike, eBay stated it has negotiated rates with the USPS that will save sellers over the counter retail rates on domestic shipping.

This sounds great, but you should be aware that the only way you can obtain these savings is to use eBay labels for printing postage. High-volume sellers (those who ship more than 300 packages per month) and eBay Top Rated sellers will receive greater savings than regular sellers.


Above charts to show average savings over retail rates.
*Only average prices shown, actual fees may vary.
**Compared to USPS retail pricing.

Please note that the United States Postal Services offers Commercial Base and Commercial Plus discounts through online shipping services that are lower than what is presented within the eBay’s charts.


Before you commit to eBay’s shipping tools, consider the benefits of SMARTParcel™ from TheMAILGroup. Businesses employing this free software enjoy better than eBay postage savings; along with tools that help expedite daily mail processing tasks. Other benefits include:

  • No Label Restrictions…you use white labels.
  • Label print with your Company Information, no shared branding
  • Software works with a wide variety of USPS accepted scales
  • Automatic label generation (from 1 to 3 label depending on your needs)
  • Free Time-saving 3D Measuring Tool with new account

This is just to name a few benefits. For more information visit SMARTParcel.us and call Kathy Beck at 765-448-4222. A short discussion may produce some long term savings for your company.