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USPS Pricing Adjustments

USPS Price AdjustmentSome postal customers fared well in the latest price hikes. The price of a First Class Mail stamps remains at 49 cents. An additional ounce for a single piece of First Class Mail will increase from 21 to 22 cents. The price of Postcards will increase to 35 cents.

Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express will not go up in price. Medial Mail will now include free tracking.

Parcel Select and Priority Mail International Service will see prices decrease – – a boon for ecommerce businesses delivering overseas. Parcel Select prices will drop for Zones 1 to 4 for packages weighing between 5 lbs. through 24 lbs. For a package traveling to Zone 4 weighing 15 lbs., the cost drops $9.35. The rates remain the same for Zones 1 to 4 for packages of 25 to 70 lbs. Parcel Select prices increase for Zones 5 to 9, making Priority Mail a cheaper option than Parcel Select for these categories.

Priority Mail International Service has been modified to add special “zone pricing” for Canada, slit up into 8 zones. Many deliveries for Canada are going up in price.

Ecommerce businesses need to analyze their orders to determine how the new zone pricing will affect them. Because the shipper and recipient zones both affect pricing, because the zones take into account whether the shipper and recipient are in urban or remote locales, and because weight affects pricing, some businesses will see savings while others see substantial price increases.