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USPS Mail Anywhere Service

USPS Sign on a Post Office Building

Did you know that the Postal Service now has a new “Mail Anywhere” service that allows customers to use the same permit at every mailing location? If you are a Full-Service mailer you can definitely benefit from this program and not have to pay multiple annual permit fees. Now you can maintain a single permit and centralized account to pay for all of your mailings across the country.

With Mail Anywhere program Acceptance, the USPS creates a Mail Anywhere account number for your organization. This now serves as a nationwide payment account number linked to your existing mailing permits. Note, access to your Mail Anywhere account number can be made in the Customer Validation Tool in PostalOne! Just enter the permit information and the first line displayed in the search results is your Mail Anywhere account number.

When you prepare mailings, use the Mail Anywhere account number instead of your permit numbers. This allows you to send mailings from all mailing locations.

Participating offers cost savings when combining multiple permits under one Mail Anywhere account. This means you no longer need to pay Permit Imprint Fees at the additional permit locations. By maintaining 90% or greater cumulative Full-Service volume in the mailings sent via Mail Anywhere, your annual Presort fees are waived at the office issuing the permit.

Source: Mail Anywhere Program Customer Participation Guide

Reference: Mail Anywhere Fact Sheet

Classes of Mail supported by Mail Anywhere include:

  • First‐Class letters, postcards and flats
  • Standard letters and flats
  • Bound Printed Matter flats
  • Periodicals* letters and flats

Qualifying permit types include:

  • Permit Imprint
  • Precanceled stamps
  • Metered Mail
  • OMAS (future enhancement)
  • Periodicals