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USPS Integrated Marketing

USPS - If You Click It Will Come - PosterThe Postal Service launched an integrated marketing campaign on May 19th called “Watch Us Deliver,” which highlights recent improvement to Priority Mail. The campaign also features the new Watch Us Deliver Dashboard (WatchUsDeliver.com), which showcases the latest innovations of the USPS and features a collection of live counters, postal facts and entertaining modules, like the Live Eagle Came — a 24/7 stream of rescued American Bald Eagle “Independence” and “Franklin.”

From free package pick-up, improved tracking technology, to Sunday delivery, the Postal Service improves its package delivery services to capitalize on the continued growth of ecommerce.

“This campaign is designed to build on the strong momentum in our package delivery business and to highlight the many ways the Postal Service is changing and improving to better serve the American public,” said Betty Su, Executive Director of Brand Marketing.