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USPS FY 2014/2015 Performance Report-Plan Review

TheMAILGroup Safety First SignThe Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) recently examined the Postal Service’s FY 2014 program performance report and FY 2015 performance plan. The PRC is mandated by statute to review the USPS’s goals and make findings as to whether the USPS has met those goals and offer any recommendations regarding the protection or promotion of public policy objectives. The PRC does not have the authority to alter the USPS’s goals.

As it did for the first time last year, the PRC made its report separate from its annual compliance determination to provide a more in-depth analysis of the USPS’s four performance goals:

  1. Deliver High Quality Services
  2. Provide Excellent Customer Experiences
  3. Ensure a Safe Workplace and Engaged Workforce
  4. Sustain Controllable Income

Here are some of the PRC’s findings:

  • The USPS partially met both the Delivery High-Quality Service and Sustain Controllable Income goals.
  • The USPS did not meet the Ensure a Safe Workplace and Engaged Workforce goal.
  • The PRC cannot determine whether the USPS met the Provide Excellent Customer Experiences goals due to lack of comparable 2014 data.

For more see the PRC’s Analysis of the Postal Service’s FY 2014 Program Performance Report and FY 2015 Performance Plan