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USPS Delivers Groceries

USPS Delivers GroceriesThe Postal Service delivers groceries to people who need it when they most need it. On May 9, 2015, the National Association of Letter Carriers’ annual ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ food drive took place across the country. The letter carriers took on the extra weight of good donations set out by its customers. They were joined by family, retired carriers and volunteers who provided the food to pantries.

Many of these pantries fill shelves during the winter months when charitable acts are performed by those who understand how hunger and cold can undermine a person’s wellbeing. But hunger is a year round problem and it affects seniors, veterans, children, and many other vulnerable segments of the population. The summer break from school sometimes terminates children’s access to school meal programs, adding to the strain of local charities.

The latest tally of collected foods has not been posted on the USPS website yet, but, as of 2008, the tally was 909.3 million pounds.