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USPS Board of Governors Lacks a Quorum

Executive Board Silhouette

Today the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors has three members. It’s supposed to have eleven members. Currently the board is made up of one governor, the postmaster-general and the deputy postmaster-general.

The law dictates that six members must be present for a quorum. For more than a year the board has been short of the required six members.

  • November 2014: Six governors
  • December 2014: Five governors
  • November 2015: Three governors
  • December 2015: One governor

By law, the Board is supposed to:

  • Represent Public Interest
  • Direct & Control Expenditures
  • Review USPS Practices & Policies
  • Appoint Top USPS executives
  • Name the Inspector-general
  • Ensure Agency Meets its Statutory Obligations