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Use the U.S. Postal Service to Get Past E-Clutter

Roll of NFC TagsFor the last few years, our mailboxes have been fairly empty. Merchants have been abandoning print marketing and changing their focus towards online marketing  — almost exclusively! The problem these merchants are now experiencing revolves around the out of control digital marketing costs.

Even with a disciplined and focused digital marketing plan, the battle of securing and keeping a ‘page one’ presence is costing more with increased global competition (i.e. China, India, etc.) Competing with more and more online businesses from around the globe is a major factor contributing to these skyrocketing fees. Advertising on high traffic websites has produced dismal results for many merchants. The problem revolves around people tuning out all those ads placed at the top or within a sidebar of a webpage.

Advertising on high traffic websites has also produced dismal results for many merchants. The problem revolves around people tuning out all those ads placed at the top or within a sidebar of a webpage. All this advertising turns into ignored e-clutter.

Interactive Print Media: QR Codes and NFC

Taking advantage of the interactivity of print media with our smartphones and tablets may be the most innovative tool that is reinvigorating direct mail marketing. We all understand that using the internet can be a hit or miss approach of getting our product/service message to new customers.

The USPS has been driving some very creative approaches (see: Irresistible Mail) to inspire our creative side of blending the best of both marketing worlds. Vendors are shaking the dust off of their mailing lists and implementing some very lucrative direct mailing campaigns that blend unique eye-catching print media with some amazing web content. We are talking about full measurable direct mail / website marketing campaigns.

It used to be that the only way to advertise your Web presence via print was to include the URL and hope that the audience took the time to type the entire address it into a browser. Nowadays, QR codes and NFC technology make it possible for your print media to directly connect customers to your website.

NFC Tag Induction Circuit

QR codes can be customized with colors and patterns to better integrate into your print marketing designs and to give you the opportunity to add branded elements.

NFC (near-field communication) is a new technology. While NFC is not available with all devices, but it is sure to replace QR codes down the line. NFC technology uses a tiny microchip to send a signal directly to your mobile device without the need for scanning and the energy required to power the chip is provided by the smart device…no batteries required!

Tap the print media against your mobile device, and the NFC chip will instantly connect you to the website.

Smart Phone And Business Card With Nfc Chip

These technologies can also be used in more creative ways than simply connecting your audience to a website. They can be used to distribute files, play videos, or activate augmented reality features that encourage your audience to explore and engage, as well as share with others.

Dusty Mailing List

So dust off you old mailing list and create a marketing campaign that seamlessly integrates the best of both print and digital for easily measured ROI!

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