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Unique Overseas Deliveries

ups-cargo-bike-utilized-in-hamburg-germanyThe United States is not the only country utilizing innovative shipping and consumer tools. As a matter of fact it is not uncommon for many U.S. based corporations to first test new technologies and/or baseline experimental shipping models within small demographic areas overseas.



FarFetch customers sailing in the Mediterranean can order supplies online and pick up their orders in the nearest port. It is the perfect service for the luxury yacht resident in need of supplies while in port or on the water.

FarFetch & Away permits a customer sailing between ports on the Mediterranean Sea to receive goods once in dock.


United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) is now testing an “electrical supported” cargo bike for the delivery and pickup of packages in downtown Basel, Switzerland. The test has been ongoing for about a month. UPS already uses battery-aided cargo bikes in Hamburg, Germany. The bicycle has three wheels and a capacity of 1.5 cubic meters and can carry small loads. These features make the bike ” ideally suited for inner-city use.”


Royal Mail plans to add traditional, direct mail practices to its new programmatic media industry. When an online shopper saves an item in an online basket but does not complete the purchase, then this act will trigger mail either in the form of a letter or brochure to be sent to the customer’s home, reminding the customer of the product and prompting placement of an order. The service will apply to online consumers who agree to receive such material.