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U.S. Product Demand Increasing

Global Consumer Growth ChartGlobal demand for products made in the United States has risen and the reach of U.S. e-commerce businesses is expected to grow beyond U.S. borders by 2020 with the U.S. being the most popular origin for 25% of consumers worldwide. In some cases, growth will be aided by the fact that consumers want products not manufactured or carried in their own countries.

To preparation for this growth in global e-commerce, international delivery companies (i.e.FedEx, UPS, DHL, Parcelforce Worldwide, etc. ) are investing billions to expand and/or upgrade their fulfillment centers.

The motivation for these specialized corporate investments revolves around laying the foundation to expand their roles in cross-border e-commerce logistics, serve U.S. customers with a quality infrastructure and solution provider, and gain future market share.