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TheMAILGroup: In the Business of Reducing Shipping Costs

TheMAILGroup is in the business of saving money

As a major Literature and Catalog Fulfillment company TheMAILGroup has always been about reducing our clients’ shipping and related overhead costs. Within the Literature Fulfillment and the Catalog Fulfillment arenas, we focus on the trifecta of reduced labor costs, streamlined automation and our amazing partnership with the USPS which all leads to a financial win-win for ALL parties.

So when I hear about organizations and/or individuals attacking our constitutionally created United States Postal Service, I become very concerned. The overly simple argument that revolves around ‘the complete privatization of mail and parcel delivery would be economically better for business and individuals.’ Yet none of the competing carriers can prove this argument, let alone provide reasonable rates for small parcels, flats, etc.

Even with Congress imposing financial burdens on the USPS – – burdens you would never see forced within private sector – – we still enjoy some of the most affordable delivery rates for a wide variety of mail categories beating competitors by a long shot!

There’s an interesting website with the single mission of saving the United States Postal Services. One of their spokesmen is Danny Glover who narrates a touching video with an appeal to keep our nation’s 240 year old institution active and functioning.


While the website focuses more on the traditions of the institution and employment issues, I think the authors of this site are overlooking the important business reasons why the USPS is essential to our nation. It’s the business side of the equation and all the benefits that the USPS brings to companies of all sizes that needs to be addressed. From the home based business to the fortune 500, the savings business owners enjoy maps directly to how much their customers pay for their overall purchase. And remember, customers are now more ‘shipping-cost savvy’ than any other time in history. Consider how Amazon leverages the ‘low-cost-shipping message’ by promoting their Prime membership.

Many successful start-up business models revolve around taking advantage of affordable USPS rates. Product, Literature and Catalog fulfillment companies base their business service models on rates that can only be found with the United States Postal Service.

I may not agree or find all the arguments relevant to this important discussion found on the ‘A Grand Alliance‘ website, but I do agree in keeping this essential economy driving entity–the United States Postal Services–alive; an entity that keeps American Businesses strong and profitable.