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The PRC’s Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report goes to the President and Congress

PRC's Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report Cover

The opening statement of the Postal Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report to the President and Congress states:

On behalf of the Postal Regulatory Commission, I submit the Commission’s 2015 Annual Report to the President and Congress. It describes Commission activities of the last fiscal year and the extent to which regulations are achieving the objectives set forth by the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. As mandated by law, the report also includes an estimate of the costs incurred by the Postal Service in providing certain services.

This opening statement by Robert G. Taub, Acting Chairman of the PRC sets the stage for reporting and highlighting activities performed throughout the year. The Commission – – by law – – is required to submit an annual report to both the President’s Office and the U.S. Congress concerning the Commission’s operations and the extent regulations are achieving the rate setting objectives (i.e.service cost estimates incurred by the Postal Service.)

The annual report is an interesting read; especially with the fast changing pace of e-commerce and how the USPS plans on ‘competing’ within the arena.