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Standard Mail to become Marketing Mail

Stamp Placed On EnvelopeThe United States Postal Service has told mailers they plan to implement its annual rate change on Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017. The big question is…will the price of a first-class stamp be part of this increase?

The USPS hopes to announce the new rates on October 17 and have suggested that First-class rates might rise 0.8 percent and standard (or the reclassified advertising mail) about 0.9 percent.

Because of the various first-class and standard mail subclasses, this does not mean that the single-piece letter rate will rise by a full cent. The increase of a first-class stamp to 48 cents would mean a reduction would have to take place with one of the mail subclasses. An example of this is the USPS’s suggestion that the third ounce of a first-class letter would be free.

While no official announcement yet, the idea is intriguing!

With a price adjustment like this, a commercial mailer could send more letters filled with promotional materials, coinciding with the USPS wanting to change its “standard mail” classification to “marketing mail.”

Pushing The Envelope Graphic

This pro-active change would make sense to marketers in all business and retail sectors.