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Some USPS Online Calculators

USPS CalulatorHere are some handy online USPS Business mail calculators that can be useful when calculating preliminary cost projections.

These USPS calculators are very easy to use and are basically self explanatory. The best way to see their power is to play with them.


Business Price Calculator

LINK: https://dbcalc.usps.com/

USPS Business Price Calculator

District Business Mail Entry Locator

LINK: https://ribbs.usps.gov/locators/find-bme.cfm

District Business Mail Entry Locator

Postal Zone Charts

LINK: https://postcalc.usps.com/ZoneCharts/Default.aspx

Postal Zone Charts

APO/FPO/DPO Overseas Military and Diplomatic Calculator

LINK: https://postcalc.usps.com/Restrictions.aspx

Overseas Military And Diplomatic Calculator