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Request for Postal Rate Raise Returned by PRC to USPS

TheMAILGroup-prc-uspsThe Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) returned to the United States Postal Service (USPS) its request to raise postal rates for Market Dominant Products. The category encompasses Standard Mail, Package Services, and Periodicals. The PRC told the USPS more work was required to exhibit that the proposed price increases comply with the federal laws designed to limit increases to the inflation rate.

  • January 15 – USPS files notice of its proposed price adjustment for Market Dominant Products
  • March 6th – PRC returned request & asks for more work to be done
  • March 12 – USPS submits a revised proposal
  • March 18 – PRC send proposal back with a request that more work to be done

The PRC’s second rejection might mean that the April 26th hike’s effective date will have to be set back. The PRC noted, “Once the Postal Service files a response to the Commission’s order, the public will have 7 days from the date of that filing to comment on the revised proposal. See ORDER NO. 2398