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Reevaluating Urban Deliveries

Private Last Mile Delivery Service

The postal industry faces new competition daily from digital communications networks and mobile devices. That industry works symbiotically with the parcel services industry. The USPS currently carries for the last mile many parcels that start journeys in the hands of companies like UPS or FedEx.

Several analysts and observers are starting to question whether private parcel delivery services also have reason to fear the latest developments from the digital/mobile players.

Companies like Uber, Amazon and others may start competing for last mile deliveries. These companies are onto the next evolution in logistics. On is powered by smarter inventory software and the omni channel movement and in many ways can be considered the beginnings of the disruption of internet of things for logistics. New systems make it possible for merchants to offer new delivery methods when online orders are places.

Source: www.linkedin.com/pulse/mind-blowing-economics-same-day-delivery-why-fedex-might-radford