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Predictable Mail and Marketing Campaign Management

mail-inc-mail-sort-machinery-thumbHave you ever wondered how long a standard piece of mail takes to get to its destination? If you are processing your own mail, delivery may take a couple of days to several weeks. If what you are mailing is not time sensitive, then no problem. But what if you need to get critical information into the hands of your clients or a membership roster that needs to be seen immediately!

This is when businesses start outsourcing their mail pieces to companies that specialize in commingling mail and drop shipments. Operations that sort a business’s mail consistently and quickly — along with the mail being shipped directly to the region where the mail is to be delivered — provide their clients with advanced mailing services that save time and expense.


MAIL Inc mail processing machinery

And don’t forget mail tracking. Because these types of facilities use state of the art technology that seamlessly interfaces with United States Postal Service (USPS) database systems, tracking each step in the operation is as simple along with receiving real-time reports. This mean — on average — you receive the benefit of your mail being delivered 2.6 days sooner than if you processed your own mail with the local Post Office.

Accurate delivery data sets the stage for:

  • Retailers with scheduled sales events, clubs with seasonal activities, municipalities sponsoring local government festivals enjoying the benefits from the unique services provided by mail processing centers (i.e. commingling mail;) that specialize in handling the logistics of getting your mail delivered in advance of time critical dates.
  • Improved staff planning to handle increased product and/or service inquiries to a Call Center.
  • More accurately predict a mailing’s response rate when delivery windows are tight; perfect for A/B test mailings and ROI tracking.
  • Marketing campaigns designed to utilized multiple channels that require the coordination of when emails are sent, when a post mailing phone call needs to be made, the activation of a web landing page and a host of other marketing channels.

With all the above noted, there is also the added benefit of enjoying low postal rates.