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TheMailGroup-Warehouse-01Warehouse Services:

Our processing and warehouse management systems provide visibility into up-to-the-minute inventory status and real-time reporting. You can easily stay on top of your requests, code tracking and catalog, literature, letter, flat or parcel fulfillment activities.

  • We store your literature safely and securely in both our production and storage warehouse spaces. Items are handled efficiently throughout every phase of the fulfillment process.
  • Our warehouse, processing, inventory control and tracking systems are closely aligned to keep the flow of information seamless and efficient. As a result, we are ready, willing and effective when handling your ambitious literature, direct mail, package or marketing challenges.
  • Our Indiana site is ideally situated in the center of the nation with close proximity to major cities. Being geographically central allows easy access to major distributions points across the country and around the world.

TheMailGroup-Staff-01Kitting Assembly Services:

The MAIL Group provides an array of kitting and assembly services to meet your needs. From sales to marketing kits, giveaways, boxing, bagging, sorting and kitting, we have the equipment and the skilled team to handle the services efficiently and cost effectively.

The components of a custom distribution package are frequently produced by multiple suppliers and require kitting assembly. The MAIL Group can assemble your components into a kit and fulfill the kits to your distribution list. We can also support the design and production of the kit components, whether they are print, premium or point-of-purchase items.

Our kitting assembly service include simple kits, where a few items are placed in a bag or box. We can also create your complex kits that include several components in a custom box with wafer seals, inserts and just about anything else – whatever your vision – our team can make it happen!


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