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M.A.I.L. Inc.,  Mailing Assistance in Lafayette!

Since 1981, M.A.I.L. Inc. has been processing every type of mail. With proprietary software and processes, MAIL created innovative methods for inducting mixed weight mail into the USPS mail stream. Responding to the need for Greater Lafayette businesses to outsource their mailrooms, MAIL responded by utilizing unique techniques to manage mail operations for over 100 businesses simply and efficiently. With success comes growth and MAIL has recently added Crawfordsville into the mailroom territory

M.A.I.L.  provides outsourcing opportunities for mailrooms where quality care and unique standards are the norm.

M.A.I.L. Inc.

Phone: 765 448 4222
Support: sales@mail-inc.com



Mail of Jacksonville, Inc.   

Founded in September of 1998, MAIL of Jacksonville’s reduces business mailers’ postage expense while maintaining their required service standards. MOJ balances customers’ desire for postal savings with their need for acceptable mail delivery.

Unlike traditional mail services and lettershops, MAIL of Jacksonville combines proprietary software with consolidated mailstreams to deliver dramatic savings opportunities for customers. Their clients save millions of dollars in expense and mail processing overhead using MOJ’s unique solutions.

Mail of Jacksonville, Inc.

6002 Bowdendale Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
Phone: 904 737 9199

Support: Ty Robbins:




This noteworthy company, has grown exponentially since its quiet beginnings in 2008. Through an exceptionally talented development team and its diligent customer focused management, ConfirmDelivery’s product line is a direct response to their varied client’s needs.

CDI provides simplified workflow for confirmation mail requirements. Whether its Certified Mail, or signature or delivery confirmation mail, CDI’s products and services simplify, enhance and expedite the process from beginning to end… and save money! Whether mailing 10 or 10,000 pieces a week, CDI can streamline the process and end to pain of the “green card”!

ConfirmDelivery, Inc.
511 N Earl Ave, Suite A
PO Box 6726
Lafayette, IN 47903
Toll Free: 888.960.MAIL (6245)
Fax: 888.600.7706



Engineering Innovation, Inc.

A proud member of The MAIL Group family, EII was created September 2006, in response to the industry demand for a re-engineered flats solution. The core team consists of many of the same engineers and software developers that created the MailCode® product. Their highly successful record of accomplishments has honed their focus, as they continue to create and develop “Best in Class” industry-changing mail management equipment:

  • EZ Flats  (Essential & Premium)
  • EZ Parcels
  • EZ WorkDesk
  • EZ Letters
  • EZ Confirm

Engineering Innovation, Inc.

Phone: 765 807 0699
Support Team: support@eii-online.com
Sales Team: Sales@eii-online.com
Web Team: webmaster@eii-online.com