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NEMOA 2016 Spring Theme: Cracking the Customer Code

nemoa-flyer-iconThis year’s 2016 Spring NEMOA conference looks to be very exciting. For the last decade we have been working hard to address all the technological advances  — hardware, software, analytics, etc. — and integrate these new platforms and tools seamlessly into our marketing strategies.

When all is said and done, it is easy to overlook the most important ingredient within our marketing plans … the person we call the customer. This year’s conference is focusing on the psychology of why people buy and how these insights should guide quality customer interaction.

Marketers continue to search for that ever-elusive silver bullet. We all want the secret sauce that will allow our brands to grab hold and take off. But rather than focusing on the latest shiny tactic or channel, what if we had a better understanding of the customer themselves? What if we knew how they thought, what motivated them, what triggered them to buy? What if we could crack the customer code? And then, we can talk tactics!

The directXchange by NEMOA 2016 Spring Conference will focus on the HUMAN element of marketing and how it fits into channel integration. Hear case studies of brands that have created an emotional bond with their customers. Listen to speakers share stories of how they’ve tapped into the psychology of marketing and used their knowledge of WHY people buy to impact their everyday actions in catalogs, email programs, mobile strategies and more.

From the NEMOA Conference Overview Page

Marketers like to think that their products and services lead to some type of connection with a brand. The key here is a brand is backed by people. This is critical with today’s digital marketing world. No one chats with a brand, but they do have conversations with Kathy Beck, Virginia Myers, or Bob Olsen! Today’s social media interactions are becoming more apparent as the dust settles from the recent technological advances.


Have a great seminar everyone!

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