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Mobile Google and Ranks

Warning - Sudden Drop Sign

All of our clients have a web presence in parallel with their catalog business. There are some amazing marketing examples of how both old and new marketing can be blended together to make a more powerful product marketing presence. With tablets and smartphones now a permanent internet set of tools, Google has changed its algorithm to account for a website’s mobile-friendly features effective April 21.

Websites that have upgraded to handle mobile devices will get the highest SEO rankings. Some websites are finding their search ranking have dropped as a result. In fact,. more than 50% of marketers surveyed by analytics software provider gShift said their businesses would be affected by the change. The company polled 275 digital marketers across search-dependent verticals like automotive, retail, and travel and found two-thirds of them were becoming sensitive to mobile-specific SEO strategies in anticipation of the Google update.

Mobile traffic has been on the rise. A third of respondents said that between 11-50% of their traffic comes from mobile devices. Other studies have indicated the higher rates of mobile traffic to be more likely than those reported at the low end of the range. These studies would peg the mobile device use at 30-50% of a website’s traffic.

Need to make sure your site is mobile friendly? Test your site here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly