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Megan Brennan Becomes 74th Postmaster General

usps-megan-brennanMegan Brennan became the 74th and first female Postmaster General on February 1, 2015. Ms Brennan plans on continuing her predecessor’s postal reforms by advancing the trans-formative strategies of the Postal Service and shape growth opportunities for the organization and the industries it serves.  Among these strategies are better use of data and technology, speeding the pace of product and service innovations, continual process improvements throughout the organization, and fully engaging and leveraging the talents of its 600,000-employee workforce.

“We can reinvigorate the way we serve our customers and the public by constantly looking forward as an organization, anticipating the changing needs of our customers, and adapting as quickly as we can to a competitive and evolving marketplace,” said Brennan.

Parts of this narrative are from the February 2, 2015 USPS article