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I’ll Wait for Free Shipping


A new comScore Inc. survey commissioned by the United Parcel Service, Inc. measured a number of matters of concern to international consumers seeking to buy online, including their feelings about shipping costs. It showed that a majority of these shoppers – – 74% of them – –  say free shipping matters to them.

Many survey participants would trade longer delivery times in exchange for free shipping. European shoppers would wait an average of three extra days to have an item shipped for free. Shoppers in the U.S., Mexico, and Asia would wait four days more to avoid the fee. Brazilian shoppers are so patient they would wait an extra seven days to avoid shipping costs.

The aversion to paying for shipping extends to shipping of returns. Among European shoppers, only 16% would buy after learning a retailer’s return policy neither let them return a product to a store nor covered the cost to ship back a returned item.