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TheMailGroup-Staff-02Requested Catalog & Literature Fulfillment

Catalog companies need a full range of professional support services to handle a myriad of complex fulfillment operations. When integration of systems and quality are critical, The MAIL Group is the obvious choice. We have the ability to manage thousands of SKUs, process each request based on your custom requirements, (Dotwaks, tabbing, inserts, collate, polybag, envelope, etc.,) and drop ship deeply into the mail stream to facilitate delivery.

  • We use “best way” shipping methods for your large quantity shipment needs, to maximize and balance the benefit based on your budget.
  • With our comprehensive reporting systems, you receive the business intelligence and the operational and financial information to quickly ascertain inventory levels, keycode/sourcecode reports, processing detail and updated client address information.

Consumer Direct Fulfillment

We know satisfied customers are what keep retailers, membership and donor organizations in business. While you may routinely mail the greatest literature or products under the sun, your best marketing may be damaged by inefficient and costly fulfillment.

We offer accurate consumer-direct project, periodic and routine fulfillment services that are efficient and trackable, when required. We can also help you avoid costly residential address correction and out-of-area surcharges.

In other words, you can count on us for accurate shipping of your project mailings. We will mail direct to your consumers, anywhere in the world, in the most cost effective manner. Plus, as our client, you can access real-time inventory tracking, reporting, alerts and more using our secure Client Access Center.


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