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Fulfillment Centers Get Busy

Cyber Monday Graphic

The Amazon fulfillment centers are ramping up with over 70,000 employees; knowing that millions of Americans will be filling up their online shopping carts today on Cyber Monday!

This means that regional and national fulfillment centers that service catalogers, literature providers and manufacturing will also be busy today.

“We staff up for the holidays,” said Kathy Beck, a spokesperson at The MAIL Group, an Indiana based fulfillment center and software development company. “We bring in a lot of people to meet the seasonal demands.”

Kathy noted that Cyber Monday sets the stage for the next eight weeks of servicing their clients’ fulfillment requirements. “What’s amazing is we have offered many of our part-timers full time employment.” began Kathy, “We know this will take place again this year.”

When you look over the Lafayette fulfillment center it becomes obvious why The Mail Group workforce is needed. Spanning almost an entire block seasoned forklift operators work busily moving product from the warehouse into the sorting and commingling sections. From there assembly specialists setup and monitor the assembly/merging of all the specialized requested items into the final shipping packages.

It’s a nonstop process from the requested items to monitoring the deliveries. Fulfillment requests are processed and then sorted into bar-coded bins before making their way from the facility to a customer’s home.

Kathy said The MAIL Group is doing more than just processing orders, they are helping merchants reduce their mail center costs, thus freeing them to focus on their core business.


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