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Finland’s Postal Service Posti Starts Lawn Mowing Service

TheMAILGroup-posti-postal-worker-mows-lawnDo you have a summer home in Finland? Then you better hurry and sign up for the Posti lawn mowing service!

You will be able to purchase 1-month packages on the Posti’s online website for this Tuesday only service. Lawn mowing will be performed with your mail delivery. This is just in time of the May 17 launch date and will continue through the end of August.

Because mail volumes have fallen dramatically in Finland, mail carriers came up with the idea and hope to add more home delivery services in the future. The Finnish Posti delivers to approximately 2.8 households. The plan is for Finland’s Posti to transition into a full home service company.

To be honest, I just can’t seem to visualize anyone from the USPS pushing my old Sear and Roebuck mower around my yard!