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February 2016 USPS Seamless Acceptance Program

USPS Full Service LogoThe Postal Service’s shift to an automated system for commercial mail is called the Seamless Acceptance (SA) program. SA uses electronic documentation from the mailer, intelligent mail barcodes, and scanning devices to verify that letters and flat mail meet applicable acceptance thresholds and that proper postage is collected. Participating mailers get a report that summarizes their performance.

To date, 29 major mailers volunteered to participate in SA, entering about 1.7 billion pieces per month, and 288 mailers participated in the program’s preparatory phase.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) stated. “… effective plan would include integrating the various information systems to support quality data, ensuring that appropriate officials throughout the organization have needed access to all relevant data and reports and promoting consistent ongoing communication between the Postal Service and key stakeholders.”

The agency expects to complete its testing of major mailing environments in February 2016.