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FCPS Extended to Support Weight Breaks

Back Of USPS Delivery TruckHere is some more information on the USPS rate changes for their Shipping Services products. These price changes do not include price increase for First-Class Mail® or any other Market Dominant products.
First-Class Mail Changes
Commercial Plus pricing for First-Class Package Service (FCPS) will be eliminated while Commercial Base pricing for FCPS will be extended to support weight breaks from 14 to 15.999 ounces. These rates will be available to all commercial mailers; no additional minimums will apply and an agreement will not be required.
FCPS Commercial Base pricing categories for 5-digit, 3-digit and ADC sortation will be eliminated, leaving single piece as the only pricing supported. Irregular parcels will continue to be charged a surcharge, and IMpb non-compliance surcharges also still apply. Mail preparation and separation rules remain the same.
Repositionable Notes will be removed from the First-Class Mail postage statements as there is no additional postage for these, but mailers are still permitted to attach Repositionable Notes to First-Class mail pieces.

Priority and Priority Express Mail Changes

The following will be eliminated:
  • Priority Mail Regional Rate Box C
  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box
  • Priority Mail Critical Mail (letters and flats)
  • Priority Mail Critical Mail-with Signature (letters and flats)

Parcel Select Changes

The USPS will rename Parcel Select Non-presort as Parcel Select Ground. This is a name change only; mail preparation and other requirements remain intact. Parcel Select ONDC and Parcel Select NDC Presort will both be eliminated.

Return Services Changes

Return Network Distribution Center (RNDC) will be eliminated as a pickup point for Parcel Return Service. When Parcel Return Service is entered at an RNDC, the Parcel Select Ground Return Services prices will be applied.

Global Product Changes

Insurance at no charge will be implemented for Priority Mail International single piece, Medium Flat-Rate and Large Flat-Rate boxes; certain rules apply. Priority Mail International Regional Rate Box C will be eliminated, as will Priority Mail Express International Flat-Rate Boxes. Global Direct Canada offerings will be discontinued. The USPS will restructure the country rate price groups for Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International Flat Rate to better align with the existing eight price groups currently used for the Regional Rate Box zone structure.

IMpb Barcode, Address Barcode and Shipping Services File (SSF) Quality

Currently, mailers are assessed IMpb non-compliance fees based on these factors:
  • An IMpb on the mailpiece
  • Timely transmission of an SSF file version 1.6 or greater
  • Inclusion of required address elements in the SSF file
  • SSF Transaction ID on the postage statement