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Engineering Innovation

Seeking a hardware solution to resolve the challenges of mail management workflow?

As specialists in postage savings for mailers of all sizes, Engineering Innovation will provides your answer for letters, flats and parcels. EII, best known as the creator of the EZ-Flats Manifesting System, has enhanced its product offerings to include parcel solutions. Select either simple OCR assist, with the EZ-WorkDesk or full automation processing with the EZ-Parcel System. Both are turnkey solutions for the IMpB eDoc deadline.

EII combines over 30 years of mailroom experience with more than 20 years of design innovation. The result is a product line that includes automated workflow solutions that quickly integrate into production environments. Presorting companies, corporate mailers, and shippers will find that EII’s commitment to quality results in significant postage savings. The innovative systems generate revenue opportunities, while offering options for small and large facilities.

The EII Customer Service Team is available  24/7 and can guide you through any situation in real time. EII employees have knowledge in software development and engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, customer service and technical support, sales and marketing, and technical writing.


Most employees on our project team have more than twenty years of experience in their respective fields. Our detailed understanding of USPS regulations, laws, and procedures allow us to anticipate customer’s needs to more effectively help our clients achieve their goals.

EZ-WorkDesk resolves the eDoc and IMpB requirement for mail processors. The Workstation automates the keying process by leveraging OCR technology to capture address information, print and IMpB label, and generate postal compliant eDocumentation.  EZ-OCR allows operations to realize enhanced throughput, when compared to traditional manual keying stations, and generate required documentation.

EZ-Letters is a highly scalable “out-of-the-box” unit at a mere 3 x 5 feet.  Its single-sided stackers allow it to be set up against a wall to fit into the tightest mail room. Double-sided and multi-tier sections are also available to allow for higher volumes and more complex sorting requirements.

EZ-Parcels delivers a scalable system for processing parcels: single-piece, presort, and mixed parcel. This scalable solution is designed for small and large shippers to leverage savings afforded by USPS parcel rates and for mail service companies consolidating parcels from multiple clients. Key is the ability to weigh, dimension, and  label on the fly. Options include an incoming conveyor and outbound sortation. This Manifest Mailing System eliminates metering, while enabling  cost-center charge-back functionality, optimal for outsourcing and facilities management.

The CHAMP processes mail utilizing smart class conversion combined with differential weighing and industry leading manifest software. The Champ enables the handling of multiple types of mixed-weight mail simultaneously, while positioning mailroom staff to obtain optimal postage discounts. The CHAMP also simplifies Priority Mail preparation for discounted Commercial rates.

EZ-Flats combines automation and personnel, to work more efficiently and effectively than other sorting technologies with the included bundle-based module. Designed as a Manifest Mailing System (MMS), EZ-Flats eliminates the need for a meter as it processes mixed-weight flats. Once weighed and read by the OCR, a label is produced featuring permit indicia, barcode, piece ID, and proprietary sort codes to expedite automation discounts. EZ-Flats leverages dynamic sort logic to identify 10th piece bundle upgrade processing in real time.


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