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Drone Highway System

Amazon DroneAmazon proposes a low-altitude swathe of airspace be set aside for high-speed aerial drones capable of flying robotically with little or no human interface. Amazon intends to one day deliver packages via drone in about 30 minutes via its robot fleet.

To make that plan a reality, Amazon proposed that airspace between 200 feet and 500 feet from the ground be reserved for drones equipped to fly at high speeds without colliding with building and other drones. A further 100 feet of airspace would be declared to be a no-fly zone to reduce the risk of contact between the drones and passenger, cargo, military, and similar aircraft.

Graphic of Proposed Drone Highway System

The price of accessing this new aerial “highway” would be equipment that limits risks of collision. For example:

  • Sophisticated GPS tracking
  • Reliable communication with flight operators
  • Equipment for predicting and charting a course
  • Ability to avoid contact with other drones in the area
  • Sensors that allow the drones to avoid all the other drones and natural obstacles such as birds, buildings or electric cables

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