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Direct Mail Still Best Marketing Tool

Birchbox Marketing Sample Box

Direct mail continues to be the best channel by which a manufacturer can send a sample to prospective customers. The newest items available online are samples that span the gap between virtual demonstrations and real-time testing. The tried-and-true-method of sending a free sample by mail has led to the sale of “curated samples” that may spark further sales.

The marketing world and the new business news have gone wild over the new trend in selling samples to a public that has done weary of visiting malls for things like trying on the latest make-up or trying out the latest ‘toys.”

Fast Company’s online publication recently covered the topic under the headline: From Socks to Toys” Inside America’s Subscription-Bob Obsession. Call it the Birchbox Effect: You can now have pretty much anything delivered monthly to your door. Will the bubble-wrap bubble every burst?

Source: http://www.fastcompany.com/3044527/most-creative-people/from-socks-to-sex-toys-inside-america-subscription-box-obsession.