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Direct Mail Recipients Look at Mail Differently

Senior Executive TitlesA recent report from Chief Marketer, highlights the continued vitality of direct marketing even after the June postal rate increase. Dick Goldsmith, president of direct mail consultancy The Horah Group said, “I don’t think that the postage increase at the end of May hurt direct mail or catalog usage in B2B. It’s part of a strong multi-channel program, and a good way to reach people who delete emails and text.

The B2B Direct Mail Special points out that the digital age has given direct mail a boost. More emails means fewer items pass through post boxes. Each of those items draws more attention from recipients. Consumers who grew up without a reliance on mail regard a mailpiece as somehow distinctive and personal. Personalization may have made print runs smaller, but the improved targeting has improved recipients’ responsiveness.

Personalization means something different in B2B mailings as contrasted with B2C mailings. As the report notes, persons with different C-suite titles have different needs, buying cycles, and responsiveness to an appeal. Varying the message to reflect the recipient’s title (e.g., CEP, CIO, or CMO) can make a difference.

Reaching all the decision makers with a properly adapted call to action can make a difference.