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Different Rates for Nonprofit Mailers?

One of PRC’s concerns is that data provided by the USPS shows that nonprofit mailers could face different price increases  than commercial mailers will face. As the PRC stated in its order: “Despite the Postal Service’s representation that it equalized all nonprofit and commercial discounts, its workpapers present presort discounts for High Density Letters and Flats that are still unequal for commercial and nonprofit mail.”

If those nonprofit discounts are lowered to the discounts applied to commercial mailers, this could mean an even more costly increase in postal rates for them According to the PRC’s order: “In Order No. 2378, the Commission directed the Postal Service to equalize these discounts. The Commission therefore remands the Standard Mail rates to the Postal Service again so that it can equalize the nonprofit and commercial presort discounts for High Density Letters and Flats. The Commissioner will issue a final order concerning all planned Standard Mail rates once the Postal Service corrects the unequal nonprofit and commercial discounts.”

Philanthropy reports that some nonprofit organizations would have to reduce the frequency of their publications to absorb the additional postage costs they would face if the PRC approved the Postal Service’s rate increase request. According to its report, “Under the new rates, Guideposts will cost nearly 10 percent more to mail while postage on Consumer Reports and its three spin-off publications will increase by 8.5 percent to more than 16 percent.”

The PRC will hold a public meeting on Monday, March 30 at 11:00AM.