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Delivery Times Influence Sales

2015 Domestic Pulse Of The Online Shopper Infographic IconUnited Parcel Services, Inc (UPS) developed its fourth annual survey of online shoppers to understand what motivates them to choose one retailer over another along the full path to purchase. Some of the 2015 survey’s key results include insights on customers’ preferences for seeing shipping costs early in the buying process:

  • 59% say it is important to see shipping costs early in the buying process.
  • 52% have added the additional item to their cart to qualify for free shipping.

Shoppers want choices as to the location of their deliveries. Convenience is important:

  • 33% of shoppers prefer delivery to a place other than their homes
  • 52% are interested in alternative shipping locations with extended hours
  • Only 47% are satisfied with the flexibility to change their delivery date.
  • Only 45% are satisfied with the flexibility to re-route a package after it has been shipped.

The cost of shipping is a key factor in deciding to place an order. Customers willing to wait longer for a package if the wait means a lower shipping cost:

  • Shoppers are willing to wait an average of six days with paid shipping and eight days with free shipping. It might be helpful to compare the results of another recent survey that asked how long shoppers would wait for delivery of holiday purchases.

Loyalty often results from a business’ efforts to provide regularly used items conveniently. Customers also enjoy the experience of having stores curate offerings as part of a subscription service:

  • 33% of shoppers now receive automatic deliveries from an online subscription service and those that do average three or more subscriptions.
  • 20% of shoppers are enrolled in online curated subscription services — more than twice as many Millennials are enrolled.

Mistakes happen. Shoppers choose the wrong item or the wrong size. When this happens, they appreciate stores with convenient options for making returns or changes:

  • 47% of shoppers say easy-to-print or in-the-box return labels are elements of the best return experience.
  • 65% are satisfied with the ease of making returns or exchanges in a store.
  • 62% are satisfied with the ability to process returns or exchanges online.

UPS’s survey partner, comScore, gathered input from 5118 panelists to reveal what retailers can do to succeed with an empowered shopper. Read additional survey results: 2015 Domestic Online Shopper Infographic