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Delivery Speed Vs Delivery Cost

Delivery Speed Vs Delivery CostNorth Americans want fast delivery when buying items online, but they will wait a little longer if they can get free or lower-priced delivery of their items, according to surveys of nationally representative samples of Americans and Canadians conducted by Stony Brook University Center for Survey Research on behalf of Purolator International.

Asked what was the crucial factor in deciding to make an online purchase, 76% of Canadians and 63% of Americans said shipping cost was “very important,” while only 22 and 23%, respectively, names speed of delivery as the key motivator.

The results held up even during the holiday shopping season. Forty-three percent of Americans said they chose not to purchase an item during the holiday season because it would not be delivered in time, but 49% said they abandoned a cart because of high shipping costs. The trade-off was even more critical to Canadians in the survey. Sixty-three percent abandoned cart items due to the high cost of shipping but only 54% did so because the delivery might take a little longer.

Forty-four percent of Canadians rated shipping cost the single most important factor in their purchase decisions compared with only 32% of Americans.