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Delivery Models Re-explored

TheMAILGroup-uber-delivery-service.pngE-commerce’s investment in speeding product delivery drives all participants in the parcel delivery business to experiment with faster technologies, says Armand Roggio, writing for Practical Ecommerce.

While some of the developments seem faddish rather than practical, Rogio sees the trending technologies as signs that the industry must advance to meet developing demand for faster delivery. He discusses new technologies like drones and self-driving vehicles and new business models like Uber and speculates that Amazon might someday send out autonomously driven truck with its own cadre of drones that dispense in a neighborhood to drop packages on front steps.

The Uber model in which “everyman” becomes the taxi driver could lead to businesses placing parcels in the backseat of anyone making deliveries in the neighborhood — even the local paper delivery service could become a sometime delivery option for getting people what they want when they want it.

Fulfillment centers could be the new mall of the future, Vendors could drip items at their closest mega marketplace for distribution to consumers instead of designing their own delivery systems.

Read: http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/88330-Ecommerce-Shipping-Innovations-Just-Over-Horizon