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Daily Needs Will Be Met By Amazon

Amazon Parcel Being ShippedAmazon.com Inc. keeps adding perks to justify Prime membership. The recent launch of Prime Stations provides an ad-free streaming web radio service. Prime members on JetBlue flights now have access to movies, television shows, and music through online streaming.

Amazon has added warehouses, mechanized or enhanced warehousing technologies, and contracted for new delivery methods to meet to meet its ambition to control “the last mile” of a package’s journey to consumers’ doorsteps.

As an example, Prime Now uses bike and subway courier to fill orders in Manhattan.

To meet the needs of its expanding fulfillment offers, Amazon said it needs some 6,000 new full-time workers in its warehouses and distribution centers across the U.S.

Amazon also has plans to open more retail stores in or near its fulfillment centers. Recent trademark filings suggest that the company will expand its private label offerings of items like coffee, soup, pasta, vitamins, razors, and dog food. All these developments suggest daily needs will be met by Amazon.