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confirm-delivery-logo-smallConfirmDelivery began as a part of M.A.I.L. Inc., but with opportunity and success, became a separate business led by partner and manager, Nathan Welton. This small, yet high impact software company, has grown exponentially since its quiet beginnings in 2008. Through an exceptionally talented development team and its diligent customer focused management, ConfirmDelivery’s product line is a direct response to client needs.

ConfirmDelivery, CDI, provides simplified work flow for confirmation mail. Whether Certified Mail is required, or signature or delivery confirmation mail, CDI’s products and services simplify, enhance and expedite the process from beginning to end… and save money! Whether mailing 10 or 10,000 pieces a week, CDI streamlines the process and ends the pains of the “green card.”

CDI offers ease of implementation to new clients with no hardware or software to purchase and no agreements to sign. Their client retention level is high because of the simplicity of entry, ease of use and online 24 hour, 7 day a week access to supplies and critical information.

Simplify Certified Mail with CDI:

  • ConfirmDelivery website allows users to prepare mail four times faster than traditional Certified Mail™.
  • Eliminate special trips to the Post Office or ordering expensive forms online.
  • Eliminate cumbersome completion of the handwritten “green card” and Certified Mail Receipt.
  • Create mail quickly and easily at your desk.
  • Include your own tracking number

Proof of Mailing:

  • When required, ConfirmDelivery automatically generates USPS® Form 3877 (Firmbook).
  • Mail pieces not requiring official proof of mailing may be given to your postal carrier or placed in an approved USPS® mailbox.

Enhanced Tracking:

  • CDI’s patented tracking technology facilitates easy search options for mail.
  • Search the USPS website
  • Search ConfirmDelivery.com or at yourdesktop with its software interface
  • Search within your database

Expedite Proof of Delivery:

  • Eliminate the 7-10 day wait for the “green card.”
  • Our AutoSignature™ feature automatically emails your most recent recipient signatures on a daily basis.
  • We maintain an archive of your signatures to ensure record integrity.

The Power of the Cube

Prefer something a little more outside-of-the-box to attract more attention to your mail communication? Try the “Power of the Cube” with our USPS approved parcel-pak for even greater savings.

Taking full advantage of revised Postal regulations in 2001, this innovative design is USPS approved. The CDI proprietary package is the key. The PacelPak™ is lightweight and tear-resistant. Simply determine your tracking or signature confirmation requirements, and address the mail piece via the CDI website or software solution. This product is now a mainstay of cost effective solutions for many of our customers.

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