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Commingled Mail Reduces Postal Costs

Bin With Sorted Mail Don’t let the current United States Postal Service (USPS) postal rate reductions lead you into a state of complacency. For the short term you will enjoy a slight decrease in your overhead expenses, yet the USPS still has a number of financial hurdles to overcome. The perpetual volatile climate in the middle east, along with U.S and Canadian oil companies closing their doors…it’s only a matter of time before we will — once again — be looking for ways to further streamline our business operations.

Don’t wait. Now is the best time to take a fresh look at how you process your mail. You may be looking to grow a new line of business or streamline an existing service.  It all boils down to providing your clients a standardized service with lower per-piece mailing and postage costs. We have evaluated mailing and in-house postal processes and submitted proposals to hundreds of companies on how to make each operation more efficient and cost-effective.

The review process starts by looking at your company’s current programs, mail types and volumes followed by proposing several solutions, including demonstrating how each area can realize significant cost savings by outsourcing some or all of your mailing programs. A key part of each solution is to add your mailing program to our overall mail stream, providing you with shared volume discounts and ensuring proper application of delivery barcodes for complete mail sorting. We also provide numerous options for affixing proper postage, allowing the selection of the most cost-effective rate for each piece.

Outsourced/partnered mailing programs lead to:

  • Avoiding costs associated with renting or purchasing mailing equipment and the cost of hiring labor to perform the work
  • Annual postage savings
  • Reduced per-piece postage costs by adding mail to the our mail stream
  • Expedited delivery due to improved presort qualifications

Bin With Sorted Mail